AI audiobooks are here.

Meucci makes sure they

sound good.

Simple, Fast, and Affordable Audiobook Creation
(in every language)





We know your story is important.

We treat it like that.

Our tailormade three-step process to audiobook creation:


Upload your ePub file to our platform.


Choose a voice.

We work together with the best voice actors in the world to create the best voices in the world.


Download your audiobook!

It sounds easy, but nobody is perfect, and AI isn't either.

We solve any errors by employing certified listeners, who listen to every sentence.

While simultaneously,
Meucci AI automatically detects any problems, and recreates it until it is perfect.

Our process is 70% faster...
(and cheaper)

Customer Testimonials

Lisa C.

Meucci has revolutionized my publishing process! As a self-publisher, I was initially overwhelmed by the thought of creating audiobooks. Meucci's platform made it incredibly easy and affordable. The quality of the AI-generated narration is exceptional, and their certified listeners ensure every word sounds perfect. Now, I can offer high-quality audiobooks to my readers without breaking the bank.


Chief Innovation Officer

Meucci has become an invaluable partner for our publishing house. Their efficient audiobook creation process allows us to convert our titles into high-quality audiobooks at a fraction of the time and cost. The combination of AI technology and human quality control ensures consistent excellence. Meucci's services have expanded our reach and enhanced our offerings, making us more competitive in the market.

Publishing House

Tom Solo

"As a professional voice actor, I am excited about the possibilities that Meucci provides me! With them, I can license my voice to new and scalable markets worldwide as a brand voice, or in marketing, advertising, and even audiobooks in different languages! Meucci represents a completely new approach to delivering work for all voice talents."

Voice Actor

Loft Tonstudios

"Thanks to Meucci we are able to bring AI-generated audio content to our customers. In most cases it allows us to deliver faster and with even more consistent quality. In addition to work with human professionals, their SynVoices are becoming a real asset to us and our clients likewise."

Audio Post Production Network

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