Meucci SynVoices® –
AI-generated equivalents
of professional human voice artists.

Meucci SynVoices® are versatile and available in many different languages. You’re a voice talent? Sign up with us and get synthesized!


Next generation AI-driven voice performance.

At Meucci cutting-edge software and technology converge to create unparalleled human-like voice synthesis. Our revolutionary SynVoices® provide listeners with a truly natural and immersive experience, capturing the nuances of prosody, intonation, and pronunciation.

SynVoices® are designed with professional voice talents and sound designers. But we go beyond being a mere voice cloning provider – we offer an end-to-end pipeline that streamlines the audio creation process into a seamless operation.


Multiple X reduction.
In overall audio production.

Fast & Simple.

Our product makes your workstream as an audio content creator or publisher easier than ever – by giving you better control of the production, and when you want it. With us, it’s as simple as uploading your text, and then downloading your captivating audio.


A unique feature of our SynVoice® is the emphasis on natural modulation, pitch, and emotion. This means the created audio is more engaging, and creates a fluid, natural listening experience. 


Our model allows you to expand your audio offerings, simultaneously capturing listeners and market share. We’re able to synthesize any human voice and transfer it to nearly every language on the planet, so you can address multiple markets with your content and a single SynVoice®.


We built a highly interoperable platform.



The design of our software is simple and easy to use, compared to the complex designs of competitors. We built an end-to-end pipeline so you can focus on the quality and consistency of your products.

Advertising – time saving workflows for any kind of radio, TV- and Online-Commercials with bespoke created audio content.

Corporate films – audio created with the best SynVoice® that matches your markets in any language.



Affordability is a main draw for our consumers to our product – it’s more affordable than ever to turn you’re scripts into audio – keeping control of the costs. With Meucci you will reduce expenses by a multiple with scaling effects – it’s as simple as uploading your script, and you’ll get captivating audio. Experience a fast turnover.

Audiobooks – delivered fast in multiple languages and SynVoices®.

News articles – converting text-to-speech for any listener in their mother tongue with the SynVoice® of your choice.



We work with voice actors directly to obtain our voices ethically, giving us legal edge over competitors.

Every SynVoice® is the equivalent of a human being and protected by copyright laws. All data is stored on European servers, and we have contracts will all system providers to ensure your data is protected and safe.

We take care about rights management, buyouts and copyright infringements with our inhouse legal department.


Advantages of audio through generative AI

„As a professional voice actor, I am excited about the possibilities that lie in licensing my voice to new markets worldwide. Especially as a brand voice the possibilities are scaling. A completely new approach to deliver their work for all voice talents.”

Tom Solo

Founder, Voice Actor

“Thanks to Meucci we are able to bring AI-generated audio content to our customers. In most cases it allows us to deliver faster and with even more consistent quality. In addition to work with human professionals, their SynVoices® are becoming a real asset to us and our clients likewise.“

Loft Tonstudios

Audio Post Production Network, Germany


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Our team – based in Europe.

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Founder / CEO

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Tom Solo

Co-Founder / CIO

Voice Actor
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Founder / CFO

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Machine Learning Expert
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