Sign up as a voice artist with Meucci.

If you are a voice artist / actor you can sign up with us to have your human voice synthesized and transformed into a Meucci SynVoice®.

This can bring you significant advantages and might leverage your work to markets worldwide. Your SynVoice® will be available to all partners connected to Meucci, which means audio post production companies, localization services and voice archives around the world will have access to samples of your SynVoice®, so they can offer it to their clients to decide upon a commercial use of it.

You will be still represented by your agent and in every case be notified about any request to use your SynVoice® for commercial purposes. All contents and conditions will have to be discussed and agreed upfront with you or your representing agent.

You will have the full control about all usage of your SynVoice® at any time.
Copyright infringements will be handled by our legal department.

For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.