How to hire a human voice artist with MEUCCI?

At Meucci all SynVoices® are the equivalent of a human voice, most of them being professional voice artists / actors.
However, you are able to contract the very same human voice artist / actor through MEUCCI to do real world recordings in any studio of your choice, wherever the voice artist / actor may be located.

If you decide so, we’re happy to forward your request to the voice artist / actor or their representing agents!

How does rights management work?

Meucci offers rights management and licensing of all SynVoices® in most markets worldwide. Any copyright infringement will be handled by our legal department. A Meucci SynVoice® is the equivalent of a human voice and protected by law.

How does the pricing model look like?

At the moment we’re handling every request individually and follow the common usage fees of the respective markets (Europe, USA, EMEA etc.). Depending on the usage (commercial, non-commercial, private etc.) buyouts may apply. Thanks to our partnerships with professional audio post production companies around the world, we are able to offer fair and attractive pricing models based on your request.

Please contact us for a quote: info@meucci.org.